Cricket Bat Size Guide

Cricket Bat Size Guide

Bat Size

Length of Bat (inches)

Length of Bat (cm)

Height of Batter

Approximate age




Up to 4ft 3in





4ft 3in - 4ft 6in

6-7 years




4ft 6in - 4ft 8in

7-9 years




4ft 8in - 4ft 11in

9-11 years




4ft 11in - 5ft 2in

10-12 years




5ft 2in - 5ft 5in

11-13 years




5ft 5in - 5ft 9in

13-15 years

Short Handle



5ft 9in +

15 years +

One of the most common questions we get asked about purchasing a cricket bat is how to know what size to get and more specifically how to measure the right-sized bat.

Cricket bats are notoriously tricky to size because what suits a batter might not collate with what the size guides indicate.

The important factor to remember is these are only guides and selecting a new bat should be about what suits you best in terms of weight and length.

This decision is not easy but this Serious Cricket blog will hopefully ease any concerns as we understand that with the prices of bats, choosing the right bat is vitally important!

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Adult Cricket Bats

The general rule is if you are more than 5 ft 9 inches and above, you will be suited to a short-handle bat. However, this does not mean you have to get one as it might not be the right fit for you.

If you are between 5 ft 6 and 5 ft 9 then a harrow is recommended and if you are shorter than 5ft 6 inches, manufacturers have an academy-size bat available for purchase.

If you are shorter still, then you would be well advised to investigate the option of a junior bat.

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Junior Cricket Bats

Junior cricket bats come in different sizes starting at size 0 and going through to a harrow size.

Just before junior cricketers graduate into a full-size cricket bat (short handle), several manufacturers offer a small men’s or academy bat size option to help bridge that gap between a harrow and a full-size bat.

Top Tip - If you are buying a junior bat in the winter and you are close to a bigger size threshold, we may suggest getting a size up so that it's the perfect fit when the season arrives and it will last longer. 

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Top Tip - Another method for measuring your bat size is to hold the bat in the middle of the handle and the top of the cricket bat handle should break the wrist where you wear a watch. It can be a little lower, but it depends on how you hold the bat so take this as just a guide. 

Once again, sizing a cricket bat can be easier in person so come visit our store to see how the junior bats size up. We have a chart in store which advises on the size based on your height. 

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