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Cricket courses, camps and events are much more than just learning and improving the mechanics of the game - it's about developing a passion for the sport and finding your own unique path to success in a fun way. At Serious Cricket, we believe in providing our customers with the necessary tools to reach their goals, whether it be improving their technique or enjoying a competitive match with friends. Our comprehensive range of cricket coaching courses, workshops, camps and adult coaching sessions are designed for all levels and ages, enabling you or your child to develop a sound understanding of both basic and advanced skills.

Our holiday courses/summer cricket camps create a unique fun environment that allows children to explore their creativity in an exciting setting, while building confidence in their cricket technique. With close guidance from our experienced ECB-qualified coaches, these cricket camps and courses offer a great way for young players to learn valuable lessons on teamwork and sportsmanship, as well as practice their batting and bowling skills in an enjoyable atmosphere.

We also host cricket coaching workshops that cater to players looking to specialize in certain aspects of cricket, such as spin bowling classes, fast bowling courses or fielding practice. In addition, our adult cricket coaching offers pre-season preparation, which helps adult cricket enthusiasts refine their techniques under professional instruction in a net situation.

Ultimately at Serious Cricket, we are dedicated to helping each player reach their full potential while having fun along the way. Through our wide variety of cricket coaching options and cricket events, we guarantee an unforgettable cricketing experience!


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