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Cricket Bat Knocking-In Service

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Care Instructions

  • Adult bats should be knocked in for at least 4-5 hours
  • Junior bats should be knocked in for at least 2-3 hours
  • When knocking in your bat, make sure you focus on the edges & toe which are vulnerable areas
  • Ensure you Oil your cricket bat before the season begins, after the season ends, and whenever necessary throughout the year
  • We'd advise adding an anti-scuff protective sheet to your bat if it doesn't come as standard

Product Details

Serious Cricket - Cricket Bat Knocking-In Service

Introducing our Cricket Bat Knocking-In Service, a professional and comprehensive solution to ensure your cricket bat is prepared for optimum performance.

Your cricket bat will be oiled and fully machine knocked in, giving you peace of mind that your bat is match ready.

Our Knocking-In machine meticulously compresses the bat fibres on the face and edges, reducing the risk of damage whilst increasing durability. The gradual increase in the intensity of the knocks replicates the impact of a cricket ball which ensures your bat is fully conditioned, strengthened, and ready for action.

Experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing your bat has been professionally prepared to deliver exceptional performance right from the start.

To be optimum - we would advise once knocked in, to ease your new bat into use by utilising under-arm feeds and throw-downs for the initial usage.

**Also, please be aware that every blade is unqiue, and whilst the machine process is thorough - your bat may still need a small amount of hand-knocking for you to feel it is ready to use at match level.**

Please send your cricket bat to the following address when purchasing this service along with order confirmation:

Serious Cricket
The Dummer Cricket Centre

*Please note the knocking in machine clamp can sometimes dislodge bat stickers*

*Please note that this service can take approximately 7-10 working days to complete - this is dependent upon the time of year and the overall volume of bats already in the system*

Complete The Kit

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Cricket Bat Anti Scuff Sheet

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