Website Support How To Use The 3D Kit Builder?

The new Serious Sport website makes designing your own bespoke kit easier than ever.

With the 3D kit builder, you can choose from several sports, designs and colours to complement your existing logos and sponsors and display your team’s identity.

This step-by-step guide will take you through the kit builder and answer any queries you have on the process:

Step One

Go to the kit builder on the new Serious Sport website via the home page by clicking the button labelled Start Designing.

Note – The kit builder can also be accessed through the individual sports pages and by Team Store Administrators through the dashboard once they have logged into their store.

This presents the available sports: cricket, football, rugby, netball, hockey, and basketball and you should click on the sport of your choice.

Top Tip – If your desired sport is not on our list then choose the one you believe will provide the best fit and material for you. Email if you would like advice on which one will suit your team best and we will accommodate your requests.

Step Two

For this example, I am creating a football kit but the same process applies to any sport.

The kit builder will give you a choice of products to make - there are shirts for cricket, hockey, football, and rugby while netball has dresses.

Then there are bespoke socks and shorts available for football, rugby, and hockey.

Specialist items such as netball skorts and long and short-sleeved cricket jumpers.

Shop our teamwear ranges:

Step Three

For cricket and football, match kit is available in long sleeves or short sleeves while netball dresses can be racerback or standard.

In this case, I have gone for short-sleeved and once I click on this it will take me to all the design options.

Top Tip - Some designs are only available in a short-sleeved option.

Step Four

There are 19 football designs available on our 3D kit builder – the choice of which one best represents your team is all yours.

The video shows our football offering but there are differing options depending on the sport.

Step Five

Once you have selected the design – you must pick your collar style, fit choice, and fabric choice to progress.

Collar Style

This involves a simple decision between round neck or collared.

Fit Choice

The choice is Standard, Pro or Women’s.

Fabrics Choice

The fabrics differ between sports and a more complex, but the new website has a page dedicated to explaining each fabric.

Step Six

Step six is all about the colours you would like on your kit. There are several options available including the main colours, sleeves, collar and sleeve trims.

This is your opportunity to let our creativity run wild or input your club’s colours.

Step Seven

The next step allows you to add logos and sponsors to your kit. You can upload these logos from your computer, laptop or phone depending on where you are designing the kit.

As you can see in the video, the kit builder allows you to remove the background of a logo or sponsor, but our designers can do this for you if you have any trouble.

Step Eight

The final step is to select whether you would like to add a name, number and initials.

If you are a team store administrator, electing to add these elements will allow anyone who purchases it to personalise their kit.

Any other questions? Call us on 01256 398 633